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Monday, April 11, 2005

Into the Black Hole . . .

and never to return! That's what happened to the post I made on April 7th! And it was a good post too - something about having to live without use of a computer or - EGADS! - no email or internet for over a week! Lots of stuff about how my dh played "Super Computer Doc" for a few days until he got the patient ready for ICU (which he admits is one step out of ICU now). Still on the critical list - but working. I can now get online, I can check my emails, I can look at .jpg files, I can use the word processing & Excel programs - wow what was life like back in the day?! I even installed software that I had bought 6 months ago but haven't been able to install due to lack of enough RAM - now I have tons of it! Of course wouldn't you know it - but as soon as I created something in this new scrapbook program - and tried to print - NOTHING!!! My printer is out of ink - so back to the good ol' computer store I go today after work to pick up some ink - this time I'll get both cartridges because I just know that my black ink will be bone dry soon.
So how was your week?


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