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Friday, January 28, 2005

Sites you should check out

Yesterday I chose to "goof off" & do some surfing - mind you I've never "hung 10" or sought after that big wave, but I do seek those "out of the way" websites that you only seem to come across by mistake or via another site. Which is exactly what I found yesterday. Wes Clark (see previous post ("Game Mentioned Below") has a site called "Avacado Memories" - he reminsces about growing up in Burbank, California. Lots of stuff on his site. Go check it out: http://wesclark.com/am
Via his website I came across a site that has ads for a bunch of 60s toys: http://www.toyadz.com
If you ever visited Disneyland years ago, you also might want to check out Yesterland at http://www.yesterland.com - it has stuff about rides/attractions that have been discountinued as well as other goodies you might enjoy.


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