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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Road Rants

Well I was just sitting here thinking about stuff that really annoys me to no end - like people driving school zone speeds when the zone time IS OVER!!! Haven't had to deal with that this school year but for the last 2, 3, heck - 18 years - I have. It was especially irritating when I had kids at four different schools - which meant about 2-3 times the school zones. I would go to LHS to pick up one or both of my daughters, then drive across town (through 3 more school zones to get my son at DeLay Middle School). However, by then the time for the elementary school zone was finished. Needless to say I'd get behind some jerk who insisted on going the 15-20 mph the whole way through it even with me honking my horn & pointing to my watch trying to tell the idiot driver - school zone is over! Then on the way home from DeLay, I'd encounter the same type of driver - you know the kind - they either can't tell time or can't read - one of the two (maybe both)! No wonder I was always in such a foul mood by the time I got home from chauffering kids around! Luckily, I've put somewhat of an end to that. My youngest - now a Freshman who has to go to the other end of town for school - rides the bus. Now she gets to be irritated by late buses, stupid kids on the bus, etc.

While we are on the subject of idiot drivers - have you ever tried to turn right at the corner of Edmonds and Main Street but can't because of all the drivers who insist on waiting for the next light in the intersection? I can't wait until a firetruck or a police car has to get through there - I want to be there to see how many tickets are issued! There has got to be something they can do about that intersection.

And what about all those people who have no clue what that little stick is on the left side of the steering wheel - you know the one that makes those lights blink on either side of your headlights and tail lights? For those of you who have never been introduced to it before - it's called a BLINKER!!! Use it! If you know you plan on turning left or right - not in the next five miles - but some sort of distance before you get there - USE IT!! Let those of us who are around you know what you are planning to do - please!

Parking Lots - I was never so happy when Wal-mart installed medians all along their parking lot. If nothing else - it cuts down on all those people who think a big parking lot means drive anywhere at whatever speed you want. I'd be driving along a lane looking for a spot and whoosh - there goes a car at 50 mph crisscrossing right in front of me. I'm one of those people who used to (I don't anymore with the advent of the whole road rage thing & drivers carrying guns to kill another driver) - slam on my brakes when some idiot decided to ride my back end. Buy me a new car!! When I'm going the speed limit there is no reason to ride my butt. I don't do that anymore - too many jerks want to kill you as to look at you. And if you are on a two lane road - especially one that is hilly and winding - drive the speed limit. Have you ever looked in your rearview mirror - there is a 2 mile long line behind you when you drive at 20 mph because they can't pass you! Second off - do everything possible not to wreck on one of those country roads - you back people up for hours and then no one gets to where they are going and everyone gets in a foul mood. Stop messing with people's days.


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