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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Car Sick Dogs and Honking Humvees

Yesterday I thought our new dog was having an issue riding in the van - but she did really good all the way to our destination (about 40 minute ride - mostly on the highway). It was the return trip . . .
If I'd only gone home first - shaving 5-10 minutes off the trip - then the poor thing wouldn't have found herself in that position. She got car sick - all over the passenger seat & floor. I was so concerned for her & whether she'd step in it. So I'm at a green light about to turn left - there are cars coming the opposite direction - so I wait until I can see a break. Someone's in the left turn lane in the other direction. I'm in a minivan - taller than a mini cooper - but not that tall. Guy behind me is either in a Humvee or a humongous truck - you know, they can see clear to South Dakota - honking as if they had to be somewhere now. Last time I trusted an idiot driver behind me, I almost got creamed by a car that came out of no where. So no, thank you, kind driver behind me who wants me to know it's ok to turn left, I will NOT believe you. My motto is - if I can't see, I stay put. If I have any doubts, I stay put. The green arrow will eventually light up and then I can safely turn left. I don't drive ten yards out into the middle of the intersection just so I can turn when the light turns red. Did that once to - almost got creamed as well. I want to get to where ever I'm going - maybe a few minutes late - but in one piece. You in the Hummer or the big truck - people would plow into you & you'd think a bug had been squashed on your vehicle. If I got plowed into, I would have an injured four year old, and yesterday a one year old dog. And then weeks of insurance negotiations, etc. If I wasn't cited to begin with.
You don't think I didn't want to turn left faster? I had dog puke all over the inside of my van. Get off my back (& my bumper!)


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