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Friday, March 04, 2005

Sunshine in the Middle of the Week

Sometimes it is a good thing when the week we plan goes all a kilter. Case in point - my week started off just fine - my older daughter was spending the night Sunday and was planning to stay a couple days. Went to work just like normal on Monday but the dinner I'd planned for the evening wasn't going to happen as I just couldn't find the right cut of meat I needed for the recipe I was set on using. So instead of gourmet we had chili dogs! Tuesday when I got up, my tummy was a little upset - so I turned to the trusty pink stuff to calm things down. Busy day at work but as the morning wore on, I felt queasier and started to get chills. When I came home at lunch figured I'd take my temp - didn't have one. I generally don't run fevers and generally never get sick with much more than the common cold a few times a year (I think they are mainly allergies tho). So I go back to work & finish the church's monthly newsletter. As soon as I got home, decided to settle in on the couch with a glass of water, the heavy afghan over me, the cordless within reach, and the trusty TV controls. DH fixed supper for everyone that evening while I wondered why every bone in my body hurt. Started feeling real hot but when I got out from under the afghan was cold again. Time for another temperature check - yup! This time I had a fever - low grade - still below 100 - which explains why everything hurt! Wednesday was a "stay home" day (as we like to tell the grandson) - felt better, went to the grocery - still on my quest for Flank steak! Never found it so figured I'd just fix the roast I had in the fridge. By 2 that afternoon I was once again feverish & on the couch. This was a little more than just the 24 hour stomach virus. Took it easy the rest of the evening. So my plan for Wednesday was shot as I had wanted to finish up some bookkeeping. Thursday morning started off much better - I felt like a new woman and was on a mission - to find a birthday gift for my daughter and do the bookkeeping I'd never done on Wednesday. Midway through the morning a phone call changed my day completely. It was my sister! She lives many states away and I see her maybe once a year - we are extremely close which is interesting as we were raised 16 years apart! She's the older of the two of us. So she already had her own life and family by the time I was old enough to realize how important a sister was. By then I'd alienated almost everyone in my family even though she was one of the few who stuck by me and loved me at my most unloveable. By the time we were back on track to being sisters and friends, she moved away. After we both got email things changed, we wrote constantly and became best friends. After all we had a lot in common - the same parents, the same family members who sometimes drove us crazy, and most of our opinions were similar. We were just different generations! Then she moved back several years ago & we were thrilled to be close in proximity again. That lasted just a few years before she moved to her home now. Her daughter is in the area now waiting to leave for overseas and it was her birthday yesterday. My sister flew in to (among other things) surprise her. And she surprised me! We had a great lunch - during which she gave me a piece of news that might mean she'll be closer in location once again. That was very emotional! Needless to say I didn't get anything I had planned done yesterday but the surprise was well worth it! I'd much rather spend time with my sister than calculating numbers, doing laundry and genearl house cleaning (although I've put that off as long as I can!)
I love it when sunshine peeks through an otherwise dismal week and makes the gray skies seem as if they were never here!


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