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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Call a Plumber!

Why is it that just when I get into a busy season of the month, my nose starts running? It's not that I feel sick - no fever, no aches & pains, no headache, no stomach bug - just my nose! It's either running or backed up and I feel like I have 12 gallons of water in my sinuses!
Yesterday I had my first full day of a cold - do I call this a winter cold or a spring cold? As the weather here has been pretty moderate lately. On top of feeling ucky, we were almost out of tissues and out of any allergy/sinus medication - which is the only thing that helps me. So I took a 12 hour decongestant yesterday afternoon. It tends to wear off before the 12 hours are up! Took night time Tylenol liquid medicine before bed and once I was able to get to sleep, it really helped - other than waking up grabbing tissues as my sinuses drained.
Having a cold is one thing - but it's another when I have to wash my hands each time I blow my nose - that's a real time clogger. With so much flu around, I don't dare not wash my hands and I sure don't want to "share" my cold with my family - even tho they shared first.
Parents, please tell your kids that sharing is nice - except they don't have to share cold germs! And since I have a little one in daycare, you just know he's in contact with anything and everything each day he's there.
I guess I shouldn't complaiin too much - I don't really get "sick". Couple colds a year, maybe a stomach bug everyone two - three years. And it also probably wouldn't be too bad except I'm the food preparer. Not only do I have to make sure every surface of my hands is clean and germ free or to cough or sneeze around the food, but I have to fix the meal - I don't know about you but when I'm all congested, nothing sounds good - not even to feed other people. So I let dh figure it out yesterday. Ended up with an old standby - hot dogs & chips. At least people were fed. I opted for chocolate milk.
Here's to feeling better soon!


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